lunes, 19 de abril de 2010


Estas son frases rápidas y mías. Son puras y están en esencia, lo que dice aquí no es mentira. Son frases que no las puedo integrar en un párrafo, pero quiero que las lean. 

Don't Go With The Wind, Be A Tornado If Is Necessary. But Stay Here.

I Found You Under My Bed, Between My Legs And Behind Me On The Mirror. You're Always By My Side.

Y es que tampoco le veo sentido a la muerte sin ti.

I Let The Wind Do What He Wants With Me. Please, Don't Let Him To Take Me Away From You.

Everybody needs inspiration. I only need you to say me something stupid to inspire my self.

It's all about the climb but, if you are with me I don't care how high is this mountain.

Sometimes your own family can left you alone and your only way out is scream and look for true love.

I Don't Care About The Past. Mine or yours: Is dead anyway.

Wish At Every Hour. All It'll Be How You Want It, If You Really Dream It.

I Fall In Love With You Too Fast. But It Is Your Fault That This Quick Love Grows And Grows Everyday.

I want find true love. But not with anybody else. Before I die I want to find true love in you. And I want you to find true love in me.

What I want is that the steps behind my door are yours.

Your love will show me that you do care about me. Love me, show me that you do it. Then I’ll have no doubt. Then I’ll be OK.

Maybe I'll Wait Forever, Maybe Not. But You'll Come Back Even When I'm On The Half Way To Scape From You.

Don't Be Afraid If Your Biggest Fear Is Right Behind You, It May Kill You With No Pain, Just Relax, Cry And Smile For The Last Time.

I'll miss you in he dark and long nights. I'll miss you in the sunshine. I'll miss you everyday without you in my life.

Tengo que hacer mi vida de nuevo. Tengo que comenzar desde cero. Tengo que olvidar y sonreirle a un excelente pasado. Tengo que guardas mis recuerdos donde los tenga a la mano y sacarlos cuando sea el momento de amarte solo a ti de nuevo. Por ahora solo quiero besarte una ultima vez.

Hoy te perdi, una, dos y mil veces. Hoy me arrepiento, una, dos y mil veces. Hoy todo vuelve a ser como aquella vez. Yo cometi un error y te perdi por un buen tiempo. Hoy. Hoy todo vuelve a su comienzo. 

Ah y esta frase que pondré no es mía. Un día me la dijo el amor de mi vida y bueno, es hermosa y real:

"Lo único bueno de perderte, es encontrarte"